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Welcome to the Xtreme Strength links page. Below is a collection of the best related links I've been able to find:

Fantasy Girls

Amaz0ns Lingster has merged Transvigor and SheGrew to make a single great site. I highly recommend visiting the forums!

The DCM Studio Homepage High-quality drawings of muscular women. Check out the excellent Gallery of Strength Feats and make sure you encourage the artist to make more pictures like this - and don't forget to register the on-line comics that you can download!

Supergirls Message Board Cnnjack has created a new message board, mainly for exchanging clips, pics and information about super strong girls from TV shows or movies. Well worth a look!

Powerbeauties A new commercial site all about our favourite subject set up by regular XS contributor Marco. It's well worth a visit.

Pete's Muscle Stuff 3 A very frequently updated Yahoo! Group with lots of illustrations of muscular women by Pete, many of which include strength feats. Pete's also open to requests so make sure you drop in.

Fem-Power Extreme Amazing renders of buffed, super strong beauties from Tigersan.

Area Orion Amazing muscle morphs.

Ren's Deviant Art Site Pictures of buff super strong girls.

JDM's homepage A huge selection of muscle morphs for your viewing pleasure.

Powergirls Web A Japanese site with some really good pics and animations of superwomen.

Project: Superwoman Original mini-movies based on our favourite subject.

Awe Films A frequently updated pay site dedicated to female strength. They've also made some good films in the genre. Well worth checking out.

New Goddess Cinema Movies and videoclips featuring sexy superheroines, super-strong women and female bodybuilders.

Mankillers A very frequently updated blog with rendered pics and animations of superstrong buff babes.

Strength Feats A new blog all about superstrong women.

SuperWomenMania.com Stories and a forum all about our favourite topic.

Tencyo's GTS This page is mainly about giantesses but there are also some great pictures of superwomen. This site is in Japanese.

The Awakening Official site of Mandi Steele's upcoming movie. It looks like it's going to be fantastic - if you haven't already, make sure you check out the trailer.

SuperSexyHeroines.com A promising website where you can read live action comic books featuring some seriously hot superheroines. Updated weekly. You can keep an eye on what's new here and you can also visit their forums here.

SuperwomanLinks.com Quite possibly the most comprehensive list of super woman links on the internet.

UltraGirl Art by Supermexican An excellent Yahoo Group with lots of great pictures by regular contributor Supermexican.

Amazon Comics The homepage of our very own SuperCarl.

Digital Amazons Very high quality rendered musclegirl artwork - the video clips are particularly amazing.

Fem Power Excellent rendered images and animations of buff babes by Tigersan.

Mandi Steele Mandi's a very sexy lady who's made to some excellent pics and movies of herself as various superheroines.

Adara Steele Adara, Mandi's equally powerful sister, now has her own page. Well worth checking out.

Alpha Artwork Alpha Centaurian's new pay site. Includes lots of great pics (many with feats of strength) and illustrated stories, including one based on Jeremy Wilson's Strong Girl.

Super Girl Power A selection of pictures depicting super strong women performing amazing feats of strength.

The Aurora Universe Homepage The Aurora Universe was invented by SharonBest and features characters whose strength is almost in the same league as mine, which is very rare! A legendary resource for erotic superheroine stories.

SuperHeroinesLive An online live-action photo comic book. The site is of a non-adult nature. You can also buy their comics online from eBay here.

Ingstrand's Science Fiction Stories Features several beautifully written stories featuring superstrong females by Stefan Ingstrand. The stories are unflinchingly realistic and can be a bit gory at times but they're still well worth reading.

Muscle Gals A Yahoo! Group containing lots of previously unreleased artwork by Nelson. Highly recommended.

Olivier's PowerBeauties Group Loads of expertly drawn strong women (a lot of them are giantesses though). This is a Yahoo! Group which means you need to sign up to see the pics. This site is in French.

Ultra Huge Fantasy Muscle A Yahoo! Group about superstrong musclegirls run by regular contributor Jeremy Wilson. Formerly "Ultra Huge Muscle".

Julie and Friends An excellent strength story collection.

Ihcoyc Xpictoc's Homepage Contains many excellent drawings of muscular superwomen by Xpictoc.

The Altawoman Homepage This webpage contains the first example of erotic 3d computer-generated superheroine artwork I've seen, and damn fine it is too. Does anybody out there have any similar artwork?

Muscle Girls

Diana The Valkyrie A truly huge webpage, with hundreds of galleries and stories. A lot of my stories are kept in the library, and my special thanks go to Diana for kindly providing this webspace.

Andy's Muscle Goddesses Lots of free pictures and movies of muscular women. I like it!

HerBiceps If you're at all interested in muscular women, then HerBiceps is definitely worth checking out.

Krisztina Sereny The buffest Playboy model ever.

The Official Melissa Dettwiller Website Quite possibly the world's sexiest muscle model.

Muscle Girls Porn A blog dedicated to "female bodybuilders and fitness babes getting naked and fucked." Sounds good to me. :)

Melissa Coates' homepage Those who know me will be aware that I'm a big fan of Melissa Coates. Take a look at her site to see why. (Her old site is here.)

MAK's Female Muscle Stories MAK's built up quite a collection of stories at his site, so why not stop by and pay him a visit?

The Valkyries These people are heavily involved with Awe Films and have written articles for quite a few fbb magazines. They exhibit at all the major women's shows and have been promoting female muscle since 1990. Definitely worth a visit.

Useful Stuff

Yahoo Mail If you're interested in sending and receiving emails but your ISP doesn't provide mail facilities or you just want a second account for privacy, why not pop along to Yahoo? In my experience, they offer the best webmail service - and it's free too!